Capital: Yereven
Population: 3.6 million
Currency: Dram
Official Language: Armenian
Borders: Georgia (North), Azerbaijan (West), Iran (South) and Turkey (West)
GNP per Capita: $560 (138th in world)
Main Airport: Yerevan International – Yereven

Landlocked in the lesser caucaus mountains, Armenia is the smallest of the former Soviet states.  In theory they are still at war with Azerbaijan over the Nagorno Karabakh conclave.  Winters can be very cold indeed and most of the country has a desert like appearance.

The Armenian Premier League is the top football competition in Armenia. From 1936 to 1991, the competition was held as a regional tournament within the USSR. After independence, the Football Federation of Armenia created a national league. The seasons run from spring to late autumn. Over the years, the league has evolved into a small league consisting of only eight teams, and two minor divisions. The Premier League currently consists of eight teams of which six play in the capital city Yerevan.

Champions since 1995
1995/96 Homenetmen
1996/97 Pyunik Yerevan
1997 FC Yereven
1998 Tsement
1999 Shirak Gyumri
2000 Araks Ararat
2001 Pyunik Yerevan
2002 Pyunik Yerevan
2003 Pyunik Yerevan
2004 Pyunik Yerevan
2005 Pyunik Yerevan
2006 Pyunik Yerevan
2007 Pyunik Yerevan
2008 Pyunik Yerevan
2009 Pyunik Yerevan

Pyunik completed a domestic double by beating Banants in the Cup Final.

Teams competing in the 2010 Premier League – for an up to date list of fixtures, click here.

For more details on the locations of the teams go to

Ararat Yerevan – Yerevan – Kotayk Stadium – Capacity: 5,500. Since the 1991 independence of Armenia from the Soviet Union, Ararat has won the Armenian Championship title twice.  In addition, the club has won the Armenian Cup five times (1993, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2008). In March 2008, former coach Varuzhan Sukiasyan returned to take charge of the team again. Ararat started the season sensationally well by winning the Armenian Cup, which earned them the right to play in the UEFA Cup.

Banants Yerevan – Yerevan – Kotayk Stadium – Capacity: 5,500.  FC Banants was founded in 1992 in the city of Abovyan, before the start of the first Armenian National Championship. During the same year, the club won the first Armenian Cup. In 1995, the club was moved from Abovyan to Yerevan, however, due to financial problems, it did not participate in the league championships until the season of 2001.The club managed to lift the Armenian Cup in 2007.

Gandzasar Kapan – Kapan – Lernagots Stadium – Capacity: 3,500. Founded in 2004, the club plays in the Armenian Premier League, the top division in Armenian football. The home ground of Gandzasar is the Lernagorts Stadium.  Gandzasar spent two years playing in the Armenian First Division before finally getting promoted to the Armenian Premier League for the 2006 season.

Kilikia Yerevan – Yerevan – Hrazdan Stadium – Capacity 60,000.  Kilikia shared the Armenian League championship with Shirak Gyumri in 1992, while as Pyunik they won both the 1995–96 and 1996–97 Championships. However, the Football Federation of Armenia considers these championships to have been won by the current team named FC Pyunik. In 1999, they changed their name to Kilikia, and after one season they were relegated from the Armenian Premier League after refusing to pay the entrance fee[2]. They got promoted again in 2003[3], and have since then finished sixth and fifth in the premier league, with the fifth-place in 2005 earning them entry into the 2006 Intertoto Cup.They currently play at the national stadium.

Mika Yerevan – Voskehat – Vardanank 451 Stadium – Capacity: 1,200.  The club is currently building its own stadium in the heart of Yerevan, which is why MIKA are now known as FC MIKA Yerevan, rather than Ashtarak. It has won 5 Armenian Cups and 1 Armenian Supercup since its foundation in 1985. As a Cup holder, MIKA participated several times in UEFA Cup qualification matches.

Pyunik Yerevan – Yerevan – Hanrapetakan Stadium – Capacity: 14,968.  Founded in 1992, Pyunik (Armenian for “Phoenix”) has won a record of 10 Armenian Championships, along with 3 Armenian Cups, and 5 Armenian Supercups. Later, for the first time in independent Armenian club history an Armenian club advanced to the second round in Champions League. The club won Armenian Premier League titles seven times in a row.

Shirak Gyumri – Gyumri – Gyumri City Stadium – Capacity: 3,020.  Located in the town of Gyumri (formerly Leninakan). The club is one of the oldest in Armenia and has produced many talented players who have gone on to represent the country.  Shirak has struggled financially in recent years.

Ulisses Yerevan – Yerevan – Hanrapetakan Stadium – Capacity: 14,968.  Founded in 2000 as Dinamo Yerevan.  7th place last season.

There are no direct flights on a daily basis to Yerevan.


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