Capital: Tbilisi
Population: 5.4 million
Currency: Lari
Official Language: Georgian
Borders: Russia (North), Azerbaijan (East and South), Armenia (South), Turkey (South/West)
GNP per Capita: $860 (126th in world)
Main Airport: Novo Alexeyevka – Tbilisi

Situated on the Eastern Coast of the Black Sea, Georgia is largely mountainous.  Its coastline stretches from Abkhazia in the north to Ajara in the south.  Georgia was one of the first republics to demand independence from Moscow but has been plagued by civil war and ethnic disputes over land since 1991.  The climate in places is sub-tropical.  In August 2008 Russian forces crossed over the border into South Odessa to quash a rebellion, and travel to the country is seriously ill advised.

Details on football in Georgia are coming soon.

League champions this season were WIT who held off the challenge from Dinamo to win the league by 6 points.


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