Capital: Luxembourg City
Population: 422,000
Currency: Euro
Official Language: French, German and Letzeburgish
Borders: Germany (North and East), France (South) and Belgium (West)
GNP per Capita: $45,360 (1st in world)
Main Airport: Findel – Luxemburg-Ville

Luxembourg has the highest GNP per capita in the world and is the home to major financial institutions.  Tourism is also growing as a revenue source.

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The National Division is the highest football league in Luxembourg. Until 2011, it is to be known as the Fortis Ligue, after the Luxembourg Football Federation managed to seal a sponsorship deal with Fortis. Before 2006, it contained twelve teams, but it expanded to fourteen for the 2006-07 season.

The competition was first held in 1910, and has been held every year since, with the exceptions of 1913 and four seasons during the Second World War. The competition was called Championnat Luxembourgeois until 1913-14. From 1914-15 until 1931-32, the title was the Premiere Division. It was called Division d’Honneur from 1932-33 to 1956-57. Since the 1957-58 season, the competition has been called the Division Nationale.

Champions since 1990
1990 Union Luxembourg
1991 Union Luxembourg
1992 Union Luxembourg
1993 Avenir Beggen U
1994 Avenir Beggen
1995 Jeunesse Esch
1996 Jeunesse Esch
1997 Jeunesse Esch
1998 Jeunesse Esch
1999 Jeunesse Esch
2000 F91 Dudelange
2001 F91 Dudelange
2002 F91 Dudelange
2003 CS Grevenmacher
2004 Jeunesse Esch
2005 F91 Dudelange
2006 F91 Dudelange
2007 F91 Dudelange
2008 F91 Dudelange
2009 F91 Dudelange

Clubs competing in the 2009-2010 season

FC Avenir Beggen – Luxembourg-Beggen – Stade rue Henri Dmant – Capacity: 4,830. Promted last season after a year in the lower leagues.  They have won the national championships on five occasions, the last time in 1993/94 season.  They have played in Europe  on 16 occasions, and although they have won through 3 ties, tow were on technicalities.  Their last campaign in 2002 saw them lose 9-1 away to Ispwich Town.  The stadium is loacted in the northern outskirts of Luxembourg city.  The club were relegated at the end of last season.

FC Differdange 03 – Differdange – Stade du Thillenberg – Capacity: 7,150.  Formed in 2003 as an amalgamation of two local teams and were immediately promoted to the top league as it was expanded by 2 teams.  Six times national champions and fourteen times cup winners.  Also played in Europe on 10 occasions.  Their most notable games was in 1984 when they held Ajax to a 0-0 draw at home before losing 14-0 in the return leg in Amsterdam.  The club are based in the town of Differdange which is in the south of the country bordering France.  Last season they finished in 2nd place.

F91 Dudelange – Differdange – Stade Jos Nosbaum – Capacity: 2,600.  Last seasons national champions, a title to add to the 8 others they have won since 2000.  In fact it was only seasons 2002/03 and 2003/04 when they finished runners up that they missed out on the top spot.  They also have 2 Champions League wins to thier name in their 14 games, although they have lost 10 of them.

FC Etzella Ettelbruck – Ettelbruck – Stade Am Deich – Capacity: 2,650.  Fourth place last season was a dissappoint for the club that have finsihed in the top 3 for the past few seasons.  They have a sole national cup to their name , in 2001.  The town, located in the centre of the country, has a population of around 7,500.

CS Grevenmacher – Grevenmacher – Op Fiohr Stadion – Capacity: 4,000. They were champions in 2003 and completed a comestic double a few weeks later.  In their only Champions League tie they lost 3-0 at home to Famagusta, but won the away leg 2-0.  THey are based in the small town in the east of Luxembourg and on the banks of the Moselle, famed for its wine growing.

Jeunesse Esch – Esch-sur-Alzette – Stade de la Frontiere – Capacity: 5,400.  The club are historically the most successful in the country, winning the national championship on 27 occasions.  Last season they finished 3rd. They have played 65 European ties, winning 8 of them.  They once held Liverpool to a draw in the 1973 UEFA Cup at Anfield.  They are based in 9 miles south west of the capital right on the French border.

UN Kaerjeng 97 – Basharage – Located in the south west of the country and famed for the Bofferding beer.  Last season they just avoided relegation by finishing 10th.

CS Fola Esch – Esch-sur-Alzette – Stade Emile Mayrisch – Capacity: 3,900.  Fola were the first club formed in the country in 1906.  They have won the national league on five occasions although the last time was in 1930.  They have played just two ties in Europe, in the 1973/74 season, losing 11-1 on aggregate.  Last season they finished 3rd in the 2nd division and were thus promoted.

FC Progres Niedercorn – Niederkorn – Stade Jos Haupert – Capacity: 4,830. After promotion in 2007, the team just scraped enough points to avoid relegation last season in 11th place.  They have won the title three times, the last being in 1981.  They hail from the small town of Niederkorn in the south west of the country.

Racing FC Union Luxembourg – Luxembourg – Stade Achille Hammerel – Capacity: 5,814.  Formed through an amalgamation of three local teams in 2005, and thus without much of a history.  The stadium is located in the Gare quarter of Luxembourg.  A decent finish to the season saw them finish as runners up.

FC RM Hamm Benfica – Luxembourg – Luxembourg-Cents – Capacity: 2,800.  Another club formed through a merger of local teams in 2004 they won the 2nd division in 2007 and in their first season at the top level they finished 8th.  They are affiliated with the Benfica club and currently have 6 Portuguese nationals in their squad.  The stadium is located in the eastern part of the city, known as Hamm and famous for being the final resting place for General Patton.

Sporting Club Steinfort – Steinfort.  A small town in the west of the country with just over 2,000 inhabitants.  They were promoted from the second division at the end of last season.

US Rumelange – Rumelange – Stade Municipal – Capacity: 2,950.  Promoted as champions from the 2nd division last season.  They have two national cup win’s to their name, the last being in 1975 and have finished runners up in the national championship on three occasions. They hold the record for losing 21-0 to Feyenoord in the 1972/73 UEFA Cup, a scoreline that has never been beaten.

FC Progrès Niedercorn – Niederkorn – Stade Jos Haupert – Capacity: 4,830.  Three times national champions, the last time in 1981.  Played in Europe five times and have never won a game.  Located in the south western corner of the country.

CS Pétange – Pétange – Stade Municipal – Capacity: 3,300.  Promoted as champions of league one last season.  They won the national cup in 2005 and qualified for the UEFA Cup, although that adventure only lasted one round.  Located in the south west corner of Luxembourg.

FC Mondercange – Mondercange – Stade Communual – Capacity: 2,500.  Promoted after a play off with Beggen last season.  Never won a major honour although they qualified for the UEFA Cup back in 2000 after finishing up as runners up in the cup.  They hail from the south west corner of the country.

None of the top flight clubs play at the National Stadium, the Stade Josy Barthel, named after the country’s one and only Olympic Gold medalists, from the 1952 Olympics 1500m race.  It currently holds just over 8,000 after its conversion to all seater in 1990.  It is located on the main westwards road out of the city centre, Route d’Arlon.

A number of airlines fly daily from the UK to Luxembourg City, including Luxair, VLM and BA.  The first two fly from London City, whilst BA currently fly from London Gatwick


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